Best hotel in Gili Air

It’s in the middle of the small island of Gili Air that sits the hotel Slow Villas,
what I believe to be the best hotel in Gili Air !
Bali Best hotel in Gili Air

That small safe haven offers incomparable comfort and luxury. The villas are spacious and cosy at the same time.
The bedding’s quality is impeccable, the bathroom is gorgeous and I must say, taking a shower under the coconuts is quite unreal.
Bali Best hotel in Gili Air

And what a treat to be able to go for a swim in your own private swimming pool!
The breakfast is included and served in your own outside dining area with a choice of 7 different menus, freshly blended juices and a fresh fruit salad. They are generous and delicious!
Julie, the owner, carefully takes the time to personally welcome each guest and makes sure that we have everything we need. Before we even had the time to ask, she had already prepared a map where she had pointed the best spots of the island and all the things to do.Bali Best hotel in Gili Air

We especially appreciated the care given to the choice of materials and to the decoration that reflects perfectly the beauty and purity of the island.
The spa’s unique architecture makes it the center piece of the hotel. It is hard to not be impressed by the majestic bamboo cathedral in which time seems to stop.
The massages and treatments gently done by Hatin and Ria reminds you the true meaning of the words « wellness » and « happiness ».
Bali Best hotel in Gili Air

Bali Best hotel in Gili Air

© Audrey Hulet

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Video of the hotel Slow Gili Air by Minute-Video
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Video of the hotel Slow Gili Air by Minute-Video

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Photos & reportage : 1 septembre 2016
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